Little More About Us

Our Mission

Hands On eLearning provides a stimulating technology-rich global curriculum. The learning environment promotes high expectations for success through developmentally appropriate online instruction that allows for individual differences.

Core Beliefs

We believe 21st century learning methods should be used for engaging young minds which use technology tools from their familiar world. Students must be engaged in their learning through problem-solving methods which promotes higher order thinking and questioning strategies.

Technology Requirements

In our online learning environment, students will experience a collaborative experience using 21st century Technology tools. To take full advantage of this technology, we have outlined the technical requirements each student will encounter.

Student-Centered Approach in eLearning

Build on prior learning
Improves interest and participation
Improves retention of knowledge
Develops problem-solving skills
Fosters collaborative learning
Makes learning more fun
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Outdoor Activities
Math Lessons
Loving Teachers
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Fun Experiments

Frequently Asked Questions