Hands On eLearning Online Private School

Young minds require a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to support future learning. Through our online school students learn the grade level basics, acquire 21st Century critical information while developing a love of learning through unique motivating activities. Our staff recognizes the unique needs and talents of your child’s skills using their prior knowledge and interests as a springboard, giving context to the material so your child is motivated to learn. We create a personalized and engaging experience using technology as a tool while working with you as part of the team.
Structured lessons are self-paced learning to ensure that each student reaches his or her full potential. Our online curriculum is an extremely effective alternative to a traditional private, public, or home-school curriculum. Our caring, certified teachers evaluate student progress and provide ongoing feedback.
• Online course content through a 100% online learning management system
• Individualized learning path
• Student orientation
• Global curriculum and virtual field trips
• Exceptional collaborative learning experiences
• Robust support team of state-certified teachers and advisors
• Religious track can provide students with skills for growing and thriving in a positive and inspiring school experience

Our Activities

Our virtual library contains a vast amount of material for all your learning needs.

Our teaching staff undoubtedly consists of highly experienced and talented teachers who love children.

All classes are 100% online and educational material surpasses national standards.

We offer one on one tutoring to help children with special needs.

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What Parents Say


We were looking for a perfect school for our son and it was not easy to find an appropriate one. Fortunately, we learned about Hands On eLearning and were pleasantly surprised what an awesome online school they offer.

Ryan Parker

I am really happy that my kids are part of Hands On eLearning. They always tell about different activities, they do in their online classes.

David Brown

Hands On eLearning has everything for making productive and interesting educational environment for kids. The school follows innovational approaches in education and I can't be happier that we chose this online school.

Kim Adams